Training Courses

We schedule Azure training courses, written & delivered by Aidan Finn, Azure MVP. But we’re also available for private training. Maybe you need a sales team to be briefed or a technical team that you’d like to up-skill? Classes are being delivered online to limit travel and health risks. Contact us to learn more.

We have two classes:

  • Starting Azure Infrastructure
  • Securing Azure Services & Data Through Azure Networking

Our next online-only course to run will be Securing Azure Services & Data Through Azure Networking on July 30th.

Comments From Past Attendees

Here are some recent comments from courses that Aidan wrote and delivered:

“Aidan covers all the information and workarounds so that you know what not to do, rather than having to learn the hard way from your mistakes. Also happy to answer question and off-topic questions.”

“I found it very useful for my job. I especially liked that we covered aspects that weren’t in the course but provided useful context, e.g. applying learnings like MS Flow and MigAz. I learned a lot about networking – not just the tools but the aspects that the tools are applied to.”

“Excellent as always.”

“… a fun two-day session and definitely recommended to anyone willing to dip their toes in the Azure waters.”

“Excellent course. Made even more sense because I had previous knowledge. Extremely up to date and got through loads in two days.”

“I am new to Microsoft Azure so I wanted a really good understanding of the product. I was advised to attend this training and it has been truly beneficial. It has given me lots of things to work on and hopefully will open doors to get into Microsoft Azure employment.”

“Aidan runs a relaxed class that is both accessible and technically uplifting. Even a more experienced person will come away with new knowledge of Azure. The training is so updated that new functions are added daily.”